Web Development Project for Sidel’s Sustainability

The sustainability of plastics is one of the most significant potential political disturbances and a problem that could lead to more regulation (including bans) and deselection by consumers, retailers, and brand owners.

Companies are assuming their social commitment. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is primarily linked to the core business of each company, which has an impact on economic, social, and environmental conditions as a result of globalization. Sidel asked us to help them in preparing and writing for them the new sustainability section on their website. It’s a sustainability report and information about their commitment to a more sustainable future. We edited those sections in the languages English, Italian, and German, and we also prepared for them some Web layouts of their new homepage. Sidel shows its willingness to collaborate only with those agents that share the same views in terms of saving the planet. Reducing worldwide emergency is, in our opinion, the “real shared value.”

Plastics sustainability challenges the understanding of the industry from a demand, supply, regulatory, and technology standpoint. It involves every participant of the value chain that goes from energy to consumer. A Sea Change: Plastics Pathway to Sustainability a particular study helps stakeholders move progressively to address the issues of plastics stainability with extensive analysis and data quantifying the impacts. In this part of the project, we suggested Sidel address the information towards the innovative characteristics of PET technology, the low amount of energy required for transportations, and possible ways of re-using PET material. MT Web Languages produced that kind of content for their website and also suggested to the company which of this content works best on LinkedIn.

Sidel is committed to playing a vital role in the industry’s continued transformation. The company is working to address the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy. Sidel will continue to innovate in the areas of Packaging, Food Safety, and Environmental footprint, to help accelerate towards a more sustainable future. Each of those packaging solutions is developed according to Sidel´s goal to deliver the highest quality standards to consumers. The company is a leading provider of equipment, services, and complete solutions for packaging liquids, foods, home, and personal care products in PET, cans, glass, and other materials. The Tetra Laval Group consists of the three independent industry groups Sidel, Tetra Pak, and DeLaval. The companies’ activities focus on systems for the processing, packaging, and distribution of food and accessories for dairy production and animal husbandry.

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