Web Development Project for Immersio

Immersio is an innovative set-up, that creates bespoke B2B solutions in virtual reality for the industry. They also specialized in virtual assistance in surgical operating rooms, and digital immersive museums.

An innovative set-up, that creates bespoke B2B solutions in virtual reality for industry

Immersio is the reference point of virtual reality, realizing exciting, immersive experiences that help companies to give a boost to their business model and organizations to reach the highest level of excellence in the formation of employees, health care, and cultural professionals. Immersio is an innovative set-up that creates bespoke B2B solutions in virtual reality for the industry. We also specialize in virtual assistance in surgical operating rooms and immersive digital museums. In this exciting project with Immersio, a leader in the national arena of VR/AR, we contributed to the expansion of their market action towards European and global scale. Not only with the translation, but also with the creation of contents and its localization for an international and german landscape.

Vitual laboratories for the industry

Immersio offers VR/AR laboratories for Technical Institutes, Immersive Museums but also for Corporate Training. Its portfolio consisting of three product-destination ranges: Immer-PROF, Immer-CARE and Immer-GO, Immerersio offers VR solutions for different sectors, creating a gap between reality and imagination.

Immer-PROF acts as a Virtual Professor who can realize educational and formative experiences in Immersive Reality making your learning process unique.

Immer-care (Invasive Surgery Training) optimizes the surgeons and specialists training in invasive surgery is now possible, thanks to Immersive experiences that allow the doctor to operate safely, fearless of error. Thanks to the interactions embedded in Virtual Reality, the assimilation of passages and protocols is more accessible, as is the persistence in the memory, as well as being able to experiment with risk scenarios to increase preparation in case of need.

A corporate website which explains Immersio’s services

The website of Immersio is multilingual in 3 different languages: Italian, German and English.

We localized the website of Immersio into German and adapted all content and layouts to the German market and culture of their German customers. It was a very detailed and intensive process in which we analyzed the target markets and potential customers of the company.

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