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The name Montanstahl is now well established all over the world, thanks to the passion that this company has been working with for many years. In fact, since 1983 the company has been producing special profiles in steel and stainless steel and has always been recognised for the great quality of the products it offers. This great experience in the sector has allowed Montanstahl to be officially classified by “Dan & Bradstreet” as a company with a risk indicator of 1. A great pride for the company, which today ranks among the most competitive companies in Switzerland. Montanstahl focuses on quality and treats all types of steel, from construction steel to alloy steel, tool steel and various stainless steels. Thanks to these vast number of options, Montanstahl is chosen by numerous customers from all over the world, who opt to rely on the company’s expertise and experience in the field.


Montanstahl offers two types of profiles: standard and specialised. Among the standard products are mercantile foils and drawn profiles. What the company wants to focus on, is the great quality of the steel and stainless steel with which the products are made, which allows it to be competitive and also to replicate the standard carbon steel profiles on the market.

Stainless steel

For those who are interested or simply need information, Montanstahl offers its customers the possibility to check the products on its official website according to three different measurements: European, American or Asian. For Montanstahl it is very important to offer clear information also for international people. Another great pride for the company is to use its stainless steel profiles for architecture and design: in fact, a wide range of products is dedicated to the building and architectural sector. Montanstahl’s contact with architecture derives from the continuous search for perfection in its work, which allows it to obtain excellent results starting only from a simple drawing.



Choosing Montanstahl also means having the possibility to realize your own project. The company is, in fact, able to produce any shape in any type of steel, using the best production technology. The aim is always to create a product that 100% satisfies the customer’s requirements. The 35 years of experience in the sector allow Montanstahl to create a product that is faithful to the client’s requests, creating a customised solution. To send your request, simply go to the official website, where a special section has been dedicated. Those who are interested can easily get in touch with the company and propose their idea. On the official website you can see some of the tailor-made products previously created.


In besides customer satisfaction, what is important is to create a healthy and safe working environment. That’s why Montanstahl cares a great deal about the working conditions of its employees, and is constantly instructing them on internal safety rules and guidelines for occupational safety. Furthermore, checks are systematically carried out by SUVA, Switzerland’s leading accident insurance company, and the Head of Health and Safety. In 2016, Montanstahl also joined the “Safety Charta” to demonstrate even more how important this issue is for the company.

Safety first

Since 2011, Montanstahl has also wanted to record every workplace accident that has occurred in the company in order to be able to improve and prevent future accidents. This practice has enabled the company to considerably reduce the number of accidents at Montanstahl. The care of its staff is, as we can see, a further factor that shows Montanstahl’s dedication and desire to create a working environment that is beneficial to workers and customers, who after all want to achieve a common goal.



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