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Monte delle Vigne is rooted on the hills at 300 meters of height, which lead from the Po Valley to the highest peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine. The ancient route taken by pilgrims is the divide between the vineyards of white grapes of Malvasia and Sauvignon facing East and red grape vineyards of Barbera, Croatina and Lambrusco facing West.

They are interspersed with hedgerows and some semi-flat areas that offer Merlot and Chardonnay. In the middle, the heart of the property, there is the new underground winery that allows gravitational wine pressing. Perfectly integrated into the surrounding environment, it has been designed to achieve the highest quality results from what nature offers.

In the wine world, tradition is a form of historical guarantee that follows a product and vouches for its status, positioning and recognition. However, Monte delle Vigne cannot think of a product, wine in our case, fixed on production concepts exclusively related to traditional knowledge. The wider knowledge is, the more innovation comes out. Innovation is not a distortion of the product, but it means improving the product thanks to a deeper knowledge of the factors that determine the result.


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