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Punkt Franchise launched its franchise and media platform in September 2017. The company is specialized in bringing franchisors and franchise interested parties into contact. After more than 16 years of experience in lead generation in 18 countries, Punkt Franchise is pleased to offer its service and know-how also in the German-speaking countries. MT Web Languages supported Punkt Franchise in this web development and SEO project.


Punkt Franchise helps their customers to find qualified partners

Franchisors can easily find qualified partners for their franchise system via our platform. Its team of experts checks all incoming requests and forwards those that are really relevant for your franchise system.
Punkt Franchise enables you to address a broad audience and present your brand on its innovative platform. Its franchise profile pages give users interested in starting a business a detailed insight into the individual franchise offers.

Founders and those interested in franchising can inform themselves extensively on Punkt Franchise, compare different franchise systems with each other and get in contact with franchisors free of charge and without obligation.

Punkt Franchise has a blog section where you can find information about how to start your own franchise business and about which steps you need to fulfill in order to become successful in this business.


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